Protecting your plants from the wildlife

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Many of us look forward to the sight of the flowers blooming in your yard, but it can be quite a hassle trying to protect your plants from the wildlife waiting to eat them.

Colorful flowers, vegetables, and green leaves in yards signify that spring is here, and while there is more plant life out now, there is also more wildlife, which could kill your flowers.

There are many types of repellents to keep animals away. Some use scents to deter them, while others actually use poison, but you don’t have to do anything so extreme.

There are some things you can do that won’t harm animals or your garden. Raised garden beds can help keep smaller animals out of your plants and will also keep your soil warmer.

You can plant smelly herbs like garlic and onion. They’re natural repellents to rabbits and deer.

Plant thorny and prickly plants or flowers like roses, and you can string aluminum cans and pie plates around your yard. The shiny metals and noise will scare animals away.

The most effective long term solution to the wildlife problem is exclusion; fencing your yard in to help keep unwanted visitors out.

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