Montague still not on board with pipeline

MONTAGUE, Mass. (WWLP)- An energy company’s been contacting several Franklin County towns to survey land for a new natural gas pipeline. 22News  found out what has residents concerned.

Kinder Morgan Energy Company along with Tennessee Gas Pipeline wants to upgrade their system in the Northeast. And even after meeting with Montrague residents Monday night, we found out a lot of people still don’t like the idea.

Kinder Morgan energy company is expanding its natural gas pipeline and wants to run its new route through parts of Montague. So far, the company’s only provided sketches and general information. And that raised has some residents feeling uneasy.

Mike Aldrich told 22News, he’s only heard of the pipeline through the news and that has his concerned about the company’s intentions. “It gives you pause to see what type of company this is. And I think by having them not really get out there to the people and have meetings, it’s causing even more distrust.”

The company said it can help boost the economy in western Massachusetts. Representatives told residents that there are established taxes that communities will receive for the value of the pipeline.

The Northeast Pipeline Expansion Project will plans to create at least 3,000 temporary jobs, but some residents say the environmental concerns outweigh any benefit of the project.

Montague’s town administrator told 22News, his main concern is Montague’s green space. “The potential impacts of the environment period in Montague, mainly because of the aquifer, the Montague Plains aquifer, are significant and greatly outweigh any potential benefits,” said Frank

Much of the land Kinder Morgan is proposing to use in Montague for the pipeline is protected by the state so the company will need approval first.

There is another meeting scheduled for Thursday, April 10 in the town of Warwick, another area the energy company is planning to use for its route.

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