Help rebuild Springfield together!

You can make Springfield cleaner, safer and greater by joining Rebuilding Together Springfield later this month at their Green-N-Fit event.  Ethel Griffin and Colleen Loveless from  Rebuilding Together Springfield told us how.

About GreenNFit: 

GreenNFit will bring together 1,000 volunteers and 70+ sponsors and donors to make critical repairs to 25 homes on Pendleton Ave. and Pickett Place, to help 25 Springfield homeowner families. This is Year 2 of our 10-year ‘GreenNFit 10 in 10’ initiative – Rebuilding Together’s master plan to revitalize Springfield’s Old Hill Neighborhood and preserve affordable home ownership by rehabilitating the housing stock and simultaneously improving parks, non-profit facilities, and community spaces.

About  Rebuilding Together Springfield:

Currently, 24 million low-income homeowners across the country struggle to choose between vital necessities, such as food or medicine, and home repairs. And that number rises every year.

Rebuilding Together works to ensure that as many families as possible in Springfield, MA do not have to make these difficult choices.

Unskilled volunteers join with skilled tradespeople, painting, cleaning, weatherizing, doing carpentry, electrical, and plumbing repairs, and building ramps and roofs. These repairs allow seniors to “age in place” and remain in their homes.

Houses and Homeowners are selected with care.

Homeowners must be of low income and elderly, disabled, or, their families are unable to do the work themselves.

Families are referred to us through neighborhood associations, churches, synagogues, community organizations and service groups, and by self-referral. (Click here to download a homeowner application.)

Homeowners participate in many ways.

Typically, labor and some supplies are donated. While homeowners do not pay for services, they are asked to welcome volunteers and work alongside them whenever possible.

Our year-round program engages thousands of sponsors and volunteers.

Throughout the year, we take on cleanup and repair projects at homes across the city’s 17 neighborhoods. Each is sponsored by an organization, which deploys a group of volunteers.

Every year, on National Rebuilding Day in April, we hold a cluster rebuild project. Known as ‘GreenNFit,’ we partner with dozens of sponsors and contractors and a thousand volunteers to rebuild as many as 25 homes on a single street block on a single day. Click here to learn more.

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