With some friends, enemies not needed

WESTFIELD, Mass. (The Westfield News) – With some friends, enemies would be superfluous. A Southwick resident found he had one such friend Thursday evening when he awoke after drinking with his friend and found his friend, his car keys and his car gone.

The man eventually told police that he had started drinking with a friend, Anthony R. Brochetti, 28, of 61 Butternut Road, Thursday morning and, in the afternoon, the two men returned to his trailer. The victim told Officer Brendan Irujo that he left Brochetti alone while he went out to get alcohol and after he returned his friend remained, even after his host fell asleep about 5 p.m.

When the resident awoke about 9 p.m., he found his friend gone, along with his car. When he called the other man, he was told that Brochetti had taken it to a Southwick bar and he told the owner that if he wanted his vehicle back he would have to come get it.

When the owner found the car at the bar, it was locked and the man was gone. When contacted, Brochetti initially said that he didn’t have the keys but eventually said they were somewhere on his front lawn. The victim was unable to find they keys on the other man’s lawn but did find that his debit card, along with a scrap of paper where he had written his PIN, was missing from his wallet which he had left on his kitchen counter while the Brochetti was in his trailer.

When he checked with his bank the next day, the victim found that three cash withdrawals and one point-of-sale charge had been made at the Southwick bar Brochetti had visited. The fraudulent charges totaled $319.21. However, at 1:36 a management representative of Econo Lodge on Southampton Road, reported that a customer has not paid for an additional night and refuses to leave the room he had rented, paying cash.

Officers Harry Sienkiewicz and Steven Carrington responded to the complaint and Irujo arrived a few minutes later. The suspect in question was found to be Brochetti and he was arrested for larceny of property valued more than $250 by a single scheme, larceny of a credit card, using a motor vehicle without authority and four charges of improper use of a credit card. Later in the afternoon, Brochetti’s mother reported finding the victim’s keys on her lawn and promised to return them to him.

Media Credit: The Westfield News

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