Insects starting to comeback with warmer weather

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Now that the snow is gone, insects are making a comeback. 22News is working for you with information on which bugs we’re likely to see first.

Ticks and carpenter ants are already a problem that will only get worse as we warm up.

If you go hiking in the woods or go for walks with your pets, temperatures are approaching the ideal environment for ticks.

Ticks spent the winter attached to mice or under leaves. While temperatures are above 45 degrees, ticks can become a problem again.

If you’re going into wooded areas, wear light colored clothing and long pants then inspect yourself and your pets for ticks afterwards. The main worry is that ticks could give you lime disease.

According to Bob Russell, an Entomologist at American Pest Solutions, “It’s removing blood, but what happens is as it removes blood it injects a bit of saliva that’s an anticoagulant to keep the blood from coagulating, so they can remove it and that saliva had the bacteria in it.”

Carpenter ants are a concern inside your home. These ants infest moist wooded areas left by our snowy winter.

As temperatures consistently stay above 45 degrees, ants could get into your home from the outside.

Mosquitoes won’t likely be a problem until May.

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