Texting bus driver caught on camera

(CNN) – A school bus driver in St. Louis is fired after cell phone video surfaced of what appears to be him sending text messages while driving.

The parent tells us the students were from Saeger Middle School.

This was recorded Thursday during the rain storms. You can see the windshield wipers are going, the driver’s got one hand on the wheel, he’s texting with the other, often looking down.

Those we talked to said texting and driving is bad enough but it takes it to a whole new level when you’re driving a school bus.

“In this particular case you’re in a vehicle that’s carrying 20, 30, 40 children so it’s compounded.”

A statement from the district says this will not be tolerated; the driver’s been fired, and the pushback here.

“Safety of our students is our top priority, and we will continue to work closely with first student to review procedures.”

This comes at the same time the Department of Transportation is launching a first-ever national campaign to crack down on distracted driving.

It features a graphic depiction of an accident caused by texting.

43 states have an outright ban on all texting and driving; Missouri is not one of them.

“I think it’s crazy, I think it’s as dangerous as drunk driving…think it should absolutely be banned.”

As for the bus driver in this case?

“He certainly should be fired; since there isn’t any legislation, probably isn’t any additional punishment other than to not get hired again.”

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