Tax preparers are busy as filing deadline fast approaches

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Tax season may seem like a distant memory for those who filed right after it started on January 1st. For everyone else who hasn’t filed income taxes yet, the April 15th deadline is fast approaching.

“I think they don’t think about it or they procrastinate it. I like to pay or at least file mine early because then I know then what I’m getting back and what I have to pay and I get my money back and I use it to pay what I have to pay,” Donna Hentnick of Westfield told 22News.

With just ten days left, more than half of Americans have already filed for taxes through an accountant, online software or free, state e-filing. Appointments are booking up at tax centers, but many told 22News they think the procrastinators will try to do everything on the last day, online.

“I think they do it online because especially if they get a refund. It’s quicker. Otherwise, if they’re gonna owe money, they wait until the last minute,” said Paul Bisesti of Longmeadow.

Tax preparers at many offices said they’re very busy this weekend. People can request an extension, but they need to file that request by April 15th as well. That’s an extension to file, not an extension for more time to pay what’s owed to the Internal Revenue Service. Anyone can file for the 6-month extension on the IRS website or through a tax preparer.

“There are a lot of people I know, some of them who are waiting ’til the very last minute and those are the people that owe some money and figure it should be in their pockets rather than in the government’s pocket as long as possible,” Bill Hensley of Westfield told 22News. 

Those who did file early said they received their state and federal returns in less than 10 days of filing. While procrastinators may stress over when they can get to an accountant, those who got their returns have a much different stress: how to spend their checks from the IRS.

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