Marijuana dispensary locations decided for Connecticut

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP)– Like Massachusetts, Connecticut is moving forward in the process to open medical marijuana dispensaries.

On Thursday, The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection announced the names and locations of their first 6 medical marijuana dispensaries.

Several major cities in Connecticut including their capital city, Hartford were selected of the 27 applicants for dispensary locations.

The rules regarding medical marijuana use are similar in Connecticut to what they are here in Massachusetts.

In both states, patients will need certification from the doctor that proves they are seriously ill, or will medically benefit from the marijuana use.

Connecticut, is however, the first state to use the pharmaceutical model for their dispensaries, meaning the facilities will be operated by and the drug will be dispensed by licensed pharmacists.

Of the 20 licenses awarded across the Commonwealth earlier this year, two of those licenses were awarded in Western Massachusetts.  One applicant is looking to open up in Holyoke, the other in Northampton.

In both states, dispensaries are expected to be opened and serving patients as early as this summer.

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