Man hits boy with truck, then severely beaten when stopping to help

DETROIT (CNN) – A man is fighting to survive after an accident turned into a vicious assault on Wednesday. Police say the driver hit a boy and then found himself under attack when he stopped to help the child.

A ten year old boy named David was running to his friend’s house and crossing the street when police say he darted in front of a pickup truck.

“David was lying right in front of the driveway and blood was coming out of his mouth, and he couldn’t move his body,” said James Duston Jr, the victim’s Godfather.

James Duston Jr. says his godson has a broken leg.

Witnesses told police and seven action news that the drive who hit David, a 54-year-old man, got out to help him. However, before he could help the boy, a group of teens and adults jumped him and started beating him.

“I think it lasted about one minute, and then they let him go and then they jumped back on him again. They did it about three times and then finally somebody was trying to help the guy who got beat up. It was sad because I know the guy got out of his car to kind of see what damage he did,” said a witness.

David’s Godfather says the family doesn’t approve of what the group of people did to the driver.

“I did see it happening. My only concern honestly was on David, but then I thought they had stopped. I’m not 100% sure. Again, my whole thing was on my godson at that time. But we don’t condone that at all. I talk to my mom and I told her about it and she was just like ‘no, we wouldn’t want that to happen.”

According to the Detroit Free Press, the driver suffered multiple head injuries and is in critical condition. The boy is expected to recover. The paper reports police have not yet identified any suspects.

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