MA House & Senate can’t decide on the minimum wage bill


BOSTON (WWLP) – The Massachusetts House and Senate are at a standstill on what to do with the state’s minimum wage. If one party doesn’t give in, it could be up to the voters.

The Mass. House passed a bill that would raise the minimum wage to $10.50 over three years and combine it with unemployment insurance reform. This is where they disagree.

The Senate wants to separate the issues and tie an $11.00 minimum wage bill with the cost of living.

Neither chamber is budging, but Senate Majority Leader Stanley Rosenberg believes they will come up with a compromise.

According to Sen. Rosenberg, “I am confident that we can agree on a bill. We’re still working out the specific process that will be used, but eventually a bill should be on the governor’s desk and I’m pretty confident that it will.”

In order to agree on a bill, one party will either have to give in or leaders of both parties would have to work together to find a solution. If that doesn’t happen, it could be up to the voters.

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