Poll: Americans expect pot will be legal eventually

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A new poll finds that most Americans think marijuana will eventually be legal, and 22News asked people in Hampshire County if they’d back the idea.

The poll did not ask people if they think it should be legal, only whether they thought it would be legal. About 75% of those surveyed said yes.

The poll may signal a shift in attitude about drug policy.

Here in Massachusetts, medical marijuana is legal, and recreational pot has been decriminalized up to one ounce.

22News found people on both sides of the debate.

“Everybody smokes anyway. It’s here. It’s not going away,” said Janet Weeden. “So I figure just be responsible about it. Tax it. Use the taxes for useful things, just like booze.”

Joan Howard disagreed. She said, “I think it’s wrong.There are no guidelines and I think we’re just asking for trouble.”

They survey also found that most people support getting rid of mandatory sentencing for non-violent drug offenders.

The survey did find however, that 63% said they’d be bothered by somebody using marijuana in public.

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