Fixing lawns damaged by winter weather

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Now that it’s warmer, more people are paying attention to the condition of their lawns.

Gary Courchesne owns G & H Landscaping in Holyoke. Corchesne has already gotten several jobs to help homeowners repair lawns damaged by the winter weather.

Courchesne showed 22News what the melting snow leaves behind.

Courchesne said, “The biggest problem right now is going to be snow mold, which is a compaction of the grass down to the soil and starts to grow bacteria. The indication of that is matted grass and also a cobwebbing substance on top of the turf.”

Courchesne’s off to a late start this year. He told 22News that for the last two years, he started repairing lawns from winter damage by the middle of March.

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