What are special elections costing Mass. resident?

courtesy: mgnonline.com

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Since 2010, Massachusetts has held more than 50 special elections and primaries; all costing us money.

State Senator Don Humason, (R) Massachusetts, told 22News, “When we take the oath at the beginning of our two years, there is nothing in the oath that requires you to carry out the length of your term.”

The state reimbursed cities and towns $15 million for the 2010 and 2013 U.S. Senate special elections.

Humason vacated his own state representative seat to run for and eventually fill Mike Knapik’s State Senate seat. “It’s up to the Speaker and the Senate President to set those specials, so they decide whether to do that.”

House Speaker Robert DeLeo told 22News it’s about timing. “How close it is to the budget process and finally you take all of those and throw in the question of the cost to the community and you go from there.”

The state cost to fill Humason’s and Knapik’s seats was more than $115,000 in addition to local costs. Knapik vacated his State Senate seat last year after more than 20 years in office.

“The reality is most of us are conscientious and we have a tremendous obligation to the trust placed in us, but again things can become personal…whether it’s an opportunity that comes or whether its family situation,” said Knapik.