Bake sale features marijuana brownies

WESTFIELD, Mass. (The Westfield News) – A high school pupil is facing charges after the young entrepreneur staged his own bake sale at the school and sold his homemade brownies – for $15 each.

School Resource Officer James Summers reports that he was advised that a freshman girl had reported to the school nurse that she felt sick and had revealed that she had eaten a marijuana-laced brownie she bought from another student. Summers reports that other freshmen girls were identified who had also eaten the brownies and one identified the boy who sold them the brownies.

Summers was asked to bring the boy to the principal’s office from his math class and, after he did so, was advised by the teacher of the class that the boy had dropped a packet under another pupil’s desk and had asked the other boy to hide it. The package was seized and found to contain eight individually wrapped brownies. Summers reports that he could smell the marijuana baked into the pastries. When Summers delivered the evidence to the principal he learned that the boy had already admitted discarding his supply, among other things.

The boy said that he had made the brownies at home and brought them to the school to sell for $15 each. He consented to a search and was found to be in possession of $55 in cash but said that the money was not the proceeds of his sales. Rather, he said that he had brought the money to school so he would be able to make change for his customers.

Criminal complaints were filed charging the 18-year-old boy with possession of a Class D drug with intent to distribute and for a drug violation near a school or playground. The boy will also face administrative sanctions.

Media Credit: The Westfield News

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