Opening Day for the Zoo in Forest Park!

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (Mass Appeal) – You know it’s spring when it’s time for the The Zoo in Forest Park to open!  They’ve got  over 150 animals, and today we’re going to meet some of them!

Zoo Camps

  • Touch and hold live animals every day
  • Learn about animal diets in the animal care kitchen
  • Get to know all the animals in the Zoo

Weekly Rates:

  • $220 non-member
  • $200 member
Daily Rates:
  • $55 non-member
  • $50 member

Adopt An Animal:

Have you ever wanted to be the proud adoptive parent to a spotted leopard, red kangaroo or other exotic species? This is your opportunity to do something wonderful for something wild at the Zoo in Forest Park and Education Center. Our Adopt an Animal Program is the perfect way to teach children and adults about conservation and to increase their awareness of exotic and indigenous species.

Zoo on the Go Birthday Parties:

Does your child love animals and enjoy coming to the Zoo? Do any of your family and friends live far from the Zoo? Do you want to make your child’s birthday a memorable one? If you answered yes to any of these questions then a Zoo on the Go At Home Birthday is for you!

Zoo On The Go:

A Zoo On the Go Program is an educational outreach program that brings live animals, artifacts, and other educational materials to schools, day care centers, hospitals, retirement centers, camps, and other locations. This innovative program features a variety of animal ambassadors and artifacts.

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