North Adams hospital closure is an ongoing concern

NORTH ADAMS, Mass. (WWLP) – North Adams Regional Hospital remains closed Monday night and there’s still no answer as to when the emergency department could reopen.

22News stopped by the hospital Monday and employees who were there said they are still being told there are not enough supplies to open the emergency room.

North Adams Mayor Dick Alcombright said days ago he was confident the hospital would reopen its emergency room on Monday, but that did not happen. Not only is it an ongoing concern for residents, but after nearly 500 employees lost their jobs, they want the ER to open so they can start getting some of their jobs back.

John Levesque of North Adams said, “I feel sorry for all the nurses and everybody that’s lost their jobs here with such short notice and everything. It’s just a shame for this community.”

Michelle Burro, who worked at the hospital for 30 years, says now she is just trying to move forward. “It’s just moving forward, and we want our community to have what they need here. They definitely need to have the emergency services. Were hoping others but if we could just get the emergency services that would be great.”

Although the hospital closed the doors on Friday, on Monday they reopened to allow patients to retrieve their medical records. The hospital is also in the process of sending all records to Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield.

One man who had to go to BMC’s ER says that the entire North Adams community is forced to go there; it’s packed and over crowded. “The emergency room was back to back wall to wall from the time we go there. They were busy since one o’clock in the morning with emergencies. 50,000 people in this area now have to drive another 21 miles at best to get down to Pittsfield.”

For non emergencies, residents can visit Williamstown Medical Associates, which is about 15 minutes from the North Adams hospital.

No specific date for the emergency rooms reopening has been set at this time.