First major rainfall of the year

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – This weekend’s rain amounted to the first real downpour of this year. Many areas picked up half a months normal rainfall, or more.

There were flooding concerns along with the possibility of snow.

The heaviest rain came down Saturday night and Sunday morning. As much as 2 inches of rain fell in 2 hours over parts of western Massachusetts bringing the first real soaking of spring and the most rainfall in one storm all year.

“It is crazy, but it melted the snow in my backyard so I’m happy about that,” said Terry Bennett of Westfield.  “I did see the river on the way in. The WestfieldRiver, and it was pretty high, moving quickly so I feel badly for those people that are close to the waters edge.”

Luckily river flooding wasn’t the main concern, but streets certainly were waterlogged

Many people 22news spoke with were relieved that it was rain and not snow that fell from the sky.

Steve Grosh of Springfield said, “Absolutely ecstatic that its rain and not snow, I’ve had enough pretty well done with snow.”

“I figure rain is good for the farmers and snow is good for people who ski and I don’t ski,” said Terrance Watson.

This rain although it came too quickly was actually needed. According to the 22News storm team meteorologists, we were actually running behind on rainfall for March.

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