Tone Your Glutes

Get ready to get those buns in shape!  Fitness Instructor Amanda Chamberlin got our backsides looking good for summer.

Glute Kickbacks: can be performed standing or on the ground (2 sets of 15 per leg) (add pulse to intensify)
Bridges: performed on back (lift one leg off the ground to intensify)
Fire Hydrants: (2 sets of 25 per leg)

Of course, diet and nutrition is important and necessary to help get rid of unwanted inches of fat in our glutes. From there, toning and lifted buttocks can occur. People will spend thousands of dollars trying to achieve an ideal backside when there are easy exercises that you can do right at home. Many people believe the only way to get toned and lifted glutes are through climbing stairs and squatting. Although these are effective, during my segment, I will demonstrate and explain the most crucial exercises/booty boosters to do to get that desirable look of a toned booty. These exercises are ones that you will see fast results with and you will be able to feel a burn with as you do them. I will demonstrate different leg lifts, bridges, and pulses that will make the bottom muscles burn and firm up.

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