Small traffic tickets can cost big money

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) –  Mistakes on the road. They’re bound to happen to all of us. However, small traffic tickets can cost big money.

“I have been pulled over before, it was for speeding violation, so I was definitely at fault for it,” said Kevin O. of Holyoke.  “I learned not to speed anymore because I have to pay even more now.”

Depending on how fast you were going, the website “InsuranceQuotes” estimates the surcharge on your insurance policy could increase by as much as 30%.  In Massachusetts, the surcharges are added to your premiums for up to six years.

“Minor infractions, you should have one, two, three strikes your out,” said Mary Ferriter of Chicopee. “Six years is a long time.  That’s way too long.”

A lot of times an accident on the road may not be your fault. Here in New England the weather can play a big role.

“You could be an excellent driver and have an accident. There could be so many factors, weather, especially,” said JoAnne Finck of Finck & Perras Insurance Agency. “In the winter time, snow and sleet, and summer time you get a horrible rain storm, you could be following all the rules of the road and still have an accident.”

At-fault accidents will result in a surcharge on your insurance premiums, for years. However in Massachusetts, you can appeal if you think you were less than 50% responsible. Finck and Perras Insurance Agency recommends you do file an appeal in weather related accidents or violations.

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