Selfies linked to spread of head lice

CHICOPEE, Mass (WWLP) – Head lice treatment centers across the country are reporting that selfie-type photos are contributing to the spread of lice.

22News talked to Superintendents from a few districts here in Hampshire County and they say there have not been any lice breakouts at this time, but it is a concern.

The Center for Disease Control estimates anywhere from six to twelve million lice infestations occur among children ages three to 11 years old.

With selfie-style photos becoming more popular, children are constantly putting their heads together, squeezing in for the perfect shot. One student in Northampton says he sees it all the time.

“My classmates take a lot of selfies, when there’s like group shots everyone squeezes together, I can see them like touching heads and all sorts of stuff, maybe sharing each others hats because it would be funny.”

The quickest way lice spreads is through direct head to head contact, but sharing certain articles of clothing, like hats, could also cause the lice to spread.

Most health departments here don’t require that a lice infestation be reported, however, all the school districts we spoke to say it would beneficial for them if you report someone who does have lice. That can help prevent it from spreading.

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