Police: Woman admits hiring hit man to kill mother-in-law

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Buffalo Police say Jean Stanton told them in a detailed confession she hired a hit man to kill her mother-in-law and detectives suspect her ex-husband and sister-in-law may have been future targets.

Stanton, a 29-year-old Depew resident and mother of three young girls, told police the plan began two months ago. Stanton said she was joking with a man and told him, “God I wish she [her mother-in-law] would just disappear.” Stanton told police the man said he could make that happen.

“He said he needed money up front to do the hit. He wanted $1,000 up front,” Stanton told police.

However, the alleged hit man changed his mind. He reportedly went to the mother-in-law and told her about the plan. Police then say the mother-in-law came to them. Stanton was arrested when she showed an undercover detective where her mother-in-law’s house was in Buffalo.

Buffalo Police Commissioner Dan Derenda said if their detectives didn’t stop the plan from going forward, it could have ended tragically.

“I believe that she hired someone to kill the mother-in-law and again she told our undercover [officer], ‘If you do this I have two more for you after this,’ I believe one might have been the sister-in-law and one might have been the ex-husband,” Derenda said.

Stanton’s defense attorney Bob Johnson says she is out on bail, but away from her children and living with her father.

“She’s scared and etc. She’s a nurse so she’s worried about her employment. But be that as it may, she’s also worried about the affect it will have on her children,” Johnson said.

Stanton is charged with second-degree conspiracy, a felony. Her case is pending in Erie County Court.

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