Melting snow and rain could lead to flooding

AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) – So far this spring, flooding hasn’t been an issue but that could be changing.      

It’s been a pretty cold start to spring but the snow continues to disappear across western Massachusetts. Typically rain along with the melting snow can pose flooding problems this time of year.

Right now area river levels are pretty low but there is still a lot of snow on the ground up north.

Some parts of northern New England still have over two feet of snow on the ground and with milder temperatures and rain on the way this weekend a lot of that snow will be melting and some of that water will be going into the Connecticut River causing it to rise.

Also with the ground still frozen in some areas, heavy rain may have trouble soaking into the ground which is not good for area farmers.

“You can’t work around when it’s wet like that or frozen you’re just going backwards it destroys the structure of the soil,” said Tom Calabrese the owner of Calabrese Farms in Southwick.

It can also lead to possible basement and street flooding. But most people 22News talked to don’t seem concerned too much about flooding at least right now.

“I haven’t been so far I mean so far we’ve been very lucky where we are so no I’m really not concerned at all,” said Carmela Steup of Agawam.

“No my house is scarfed pretty good so the water goes around it. My yard will flood but my house doesn’t usually flood,” said Dale Percoski of Westfield.

While significant flooding isn’t expected it’s something we’ll have to monitor this weekend.

A Flood Watch has been issued for all of western Massachusetts.

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