Fire Marshal wants fireworks law to stay the same

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) –  The debate intensifies over legalizing certain types of fireworks in Massachusetts.

A bill to legalize sparklers and small scale fireworks earned the first round of approval earlier this week, but some lawmakers admit, fire officials may not like the proposal.

It’s a Fourth of July tradition, fireworks displays put on by a town or a company that has a special permit.

In Massachusetts, you, as a resident, cannot buy or use fireworks, but just across the border in New Hampshire, all fireworks are legal.

The State Fire Marshal spokeswoman Jennifer Mieth told 22News the rates of fires and injuries caused by fireworks are much lower here in Massachusetts, compared to other states, because Massachusetts does not allow its residents to use, possess or sell any type of fireworks.

Now, there is a new push on Beacon Hill to legalize sparklers, party poppers and other small-scale fireworks.

Joe Cini of Agawam said “They should because they are all going to New Hampshire to buy them. They are spending all the money… even in Connecticut they buy them, and they don’t spend it here, so we are losing tax dollars and everything.”

Leonor Sanchez of Springfield told 22News “It does bring up the spirits, and it’s fun for the kids. It’s fun for families, so training and the education behind it would be good.”

However, Mieth said in a statement, “The fire marshal is committed to maintaining our current laws on fireworks and to working with the fire, health, medical and law enforcement communities to keep our citizens safe.”

The fireworks bill would need a second approval from the House, approvals from the Senate and then the governor’s signature to take effect.