Small scale fireworks could be legal in the Commonwealth

Photo Courtesy: MGNonline

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – On Beacon Hill, the house gave initial approval to a bill that could change the way you celebrate Independence day. 22News reporter found out if Franklin County likes the idea of legalizing small scale fireworks.

Last year, 22news saw dozens of people travel to Phantom Fireworks in new Hampshire to buy fireworks. Now lawmakers want to keep you from crossing the state line to purchase party entertainment.

The House approved a bill to legalize small scale fireworks like sparklers and glow worms in hopes of increasing sales of novelty items.

Some residents told 22News adding fireworks to celebrations is not a bad idea. Tica Poirier said, “You got to think of how many kids have birthday parties, or anniversaries or even the fourth of July. How many people want to sit at home and let off fireworks instead of having to travel all the way to Poet’s Seat. I mean it brings more excitement to people’s lives instead of having to travel somewhere to go get it.”

One of the concerns in legalizing small scale fireworks is safety. But some residents say as long as you use them responsibly that shouldn’t be an issue. “Have you ever played with fireworks?Llike they’re very dangerous. You know what i mean if you don’t know what you’re doing. As long as someone’s around saying don’t blow your fingers off, why not,” said Brett Lindabury.

The bill is modeled after laws in other states and stops well short of the full legalization of fireworks like cherry bombs, roman candles and rockets.

The bill needs one more approval by the House before it can move to the state Senate.

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