Nutrition Tips & Tricks

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) Every day is a chance to be healthier, but March is National Nutrition Month and Alison Roy, a Clinical Dietitian from Baystate Medical Center is here with Nutrition Tips & Tricks.

Healthy Tips:
1. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, about 2 fruits and 3 vegetables
2. Use healthy fats such as olive oil for cooking
3. Choose mostly whole grains including brown rice and whole grain bread or crackers
4. Switch to lean protein such as fish and chicken or low fat dairy
5. Avoid fast food or prepared foods and cook at home as often as you can

Healthful Snacks:
1. Fruit and string cheese
2. Hummus and carrots
3. Greek yogurt
4. High protein granola bar
5. Hard-boiled egg and crackers
6. Fruit and 2 tbsp. nut butter
7. Cottage cheese and fruit

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