How much will a traffic ticket raise your insurance?

NEW YORK (CNN) – As many drivers know, accidents and DUIs will push up your car insurance rates. What about smaller infractions, like rolling through a stop sign? Yep, that will cost you too.

Any traffic ticket will push up the cost of car insurance, even tickets for minor infractions. So slow down, stop at stop signs, and watch out for people crossing the street.

Here’s a look at how much it will cost you, if you don’t: expect your car insurance rate to go up 5-percent if you get a ticket for driving without a seat belt.

That’s the smallest increase on the list, according to

Driving in a car pool lane without a passenger will lead to an 18-percent rate hike. Tailgating, rolling through a stop sign, or not yielding to a pedestrian? Those infractions will boost the amount you pay for insurance by 19-percent. Speeding will cost you 21-percent more.

Even though these are considered minor violations, you could be paying higher rates for a while. Up to 3 years, or until the points fall off the license.

Some companies will reduce the rate if the driver takes a safety class, but nothing tops a DUI or reckless driving.

In addition to putting people’s lives at risk, if you get a ticket for those violations, pay 93-percent and 82-percent more, respectively.

Reason is, insurance companies see a DUI or reckless driving as an indication that the driver might be more prone to accidents, which of course, would likely result in an insurance claim.

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