College athletes could begin to unionize

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s a ruling that could revolutionize college sports. 22News is working for you with details on the nation’s first union of college athletes.

Football players at Northwestern University in Illinois were given the okay to start a union. It’s a decision that could have affects on college athletes across the country.

The National Labor Relations Board sided with a group of Northwestern football players Wednesday, saying they are in fact employees of the school.

22News spoke with students at UMass who say they think it could be a good idea.

“If there’s the idea of getting paid to play football here that’s definitely a reason for players to want to come to UMass and want to play since we’re D1 and we’re a growing program that could be incentive to come here,” said UMass sophomore Kevin Wixom.

Other students say it just isn’t fair if some athletes get a full ride scholarship and get paid on top of it. Northwestern Officials say they plan to appeal the decision, citing that scholarships are a form of payment for student athletes.

The decision is so recent, that schools here in western Massachusetts say they aren’t concerned with unionized student athletes at this time.

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