Waiting in line at the RMV

EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – 22News continues our coverage of waiting in lines at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  It’s almost expected to wait up to an hour at the Springfield or Chicopee RMV, so we wanted to know if that’s the case at every branch.

I went to the Easthampton RMV that services people throughout Hampshire County.  Just before lunchtime on Wednesday, there were about a dozen people waiting outside the registry in the hallway.

This branch is located in a mill building, so when the benches are full inside the branch people can still wait in the warmth.

Many were waiting for an hour just to get into the branch to then wait in line there.  Some brought work to do.

“Sometimes, you might, waiting time, if it’s long, sometimes it might get done faster, sometimes it might go slower, so I’m prepared for both,” Sunil Khandaval of Amherst said.

They said while it’s annoying to wait so long, they were glad they didn’t have to wait out in the cold for their turn like people in Chicopee and Springfield do.

A man from Westfield said he used to go to a branch there, but with that one closing down, it’s getting more crowded at the Easthampton branch.

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