Pup in a pipe!

(KSEE) A little black puppy was the focus of an urgent rescue in Fresno, California Tuesday afternoon.

He was missing when his owner, Priscilla Hinojosa, went out to feed the mother dog and puppies at lunchtime.

“And I seen her, the mom, right there crying. She was right by the hole and when I looked then I heard him crying,” Hinojosa said.

Hinojosa shined her cell phone into a hole in the ground and saw the puppy named “Handsome.”

“I thought I could grab him but when I put my arm in I realized it was still longer,” Hinojosa said.

So she called 9-1-1. Fresno fire fighters arrived within minutes, including fire fighter Tim Otto.

“This was a unique call, to say the least,” Otto said.

Otto, a dog owner himself, came up with a solution to get the dog out using a rope they keep on their rigs.

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