How to cash in US savings bonds

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP)- Do you have U.S. Savings Bonds that you’d like to redeem?  Contrary to popular belief, not every bank or credit union will cash them for you.  You may have to do a little homework first.

The U.S. Treasury suggests calling local banks to see if they offer the service or you can redeem through the Federal Reserve via mail.  You will need to go to a bank and get signature form PDF-1522 to guarantee your signature and send the information requested by mail.

If the bonds are in another person or a deceased person’s name and you are not listed on the bonds you will have to also fill out form PDF-5394 and send a copy of the death certificate, bonds and form to the address on the form.

Below is a link to the Treasury website with more information or you can call their consumer information number at 800-553-2663.

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