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CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) Loss can be difficult to cope with at any age, but especially young people.  Rick’s Place offers grieving families with children a place to remember their loved ones. Shelly Bathe Lenn, the executive director, told us more about Rick’s Place.

About Rick’s Place:
Rick’s Place is a place of remembrance. A place where young people and their families can remember those in their life who have died.
Rick Thorpe — a loved husband, father, brother and son — died in Tower Two of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.
In his memory, Rick’s Place was opened to provide bereavement support to grieving children and their families.
Through facilitated support groups Rick’s Place offers grieving families with children a place to remember their loved ones and to avoid the sense of isolation that such a loss can produce. At Rick’s Place, all group members share the experience of losing a close family member and can support one another with the help of facilitators.

Joining Rick’s Place:

Rick’s Place serves families with children age 5-18 in Western Massachusetts including Greater Springfield and northern Connecticut when someone close in their life has died.

If your family, or another family that you know is interested in participating in our program please have them call us at 413- 348-3120 to set up an intake appointment.

Young participants meet in small groups broken up by age. All activities, projects and games are created to help group participants to think about the person who died, talk about their feelings and remember that even though the person’s body has died their relationship with them has not. Children have fun, and make new friends!

Meanwhile parents, caregivers and guardians meet in an adult support group where they can talk about and share the challenges of raising a grieving child/children.

Rick’s Place is…

  1. A place for laughter
  2. A place for sadness
  3. A place to remember those who have died
  4. A place that is run by trained volunteers
  5. A group support program for children and their families
  6. An educational program about how children grieve

Above all, Rick’s Place is a safe, compassionate environment for all children affected by the death of a close family member. There is no charge to join. The program was founded by The Rick Thorpe Memorial Fund.

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