Controversy over E-Cigarettes

AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) – Although many say it’s a great way to kick a bad habit, others argue E-Cigarettes are even more dangerous than traditional cigarettes.

Here’s how E-Cigarettes work. The liquid goes into a small capsule, which then heats up electronically, turning the liquid into  vapor you can smoke. One man who quit smoking years ago says people need to stay informed.

“People should just do their research and make sure of what they’re getting into, and not be misled by commercials that seem to indicate it’s an alternative to smoking,” said John Scalise of Agawam.

An employee at My E-Cigs in Agawam told 22News a basic E-Cigarette set costs $49, and the nicotine liquid is a fraction of the cost of actual cigarettes. E-Cigarettes are becoming even more popular locally. My E-Cigs just opened last week and says business is booming.

They come in flavors like cherry or french vanilla but consuming the nicotine liquid used in E-Cigarettes is dangerous. There have been several reports of children getting poisoned by drinking the liquid.  Residents in western Massachusetts say it’s the parents who are to blame.

“It’s really on them to keep it away from the reach of their children,” said Melissa Wnorowski of Westfield.  “Maybe explain that it’s very, very dangerous, keep it somewhere where the kids can’t get to, way up high or in a safety lock counter.”

The E-Cigarette industry is largely self-regulated.  The FDA has not set standards, so unlike cigarettes, there are no mandated warning labels on e-liquids. However, some E-Cigarette companies, like Henley, say regardless of what’s mandated, their products are sold in sealed, child-proof packaging, that do have warning labels.

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