Caught on Camera: Botched Burial

(KPNX) A northern Arizona family is distraught over the botched burial of a loved one.

First Teresa Jaramillo was buried in the wrong plot in a Winslow cemetery.

Then, as family members looked on, her casket was severely damaged when it was moved to the correct location.

“I was actually sitting right here when one of the guys dropped the casket,” says daughter Mary Ann Chavez. The top had a big old dent the bottom on the outside was dented probably from when the backhoe got it out, and then they went and put her back in like that. Water just started gushing out of the casket.”

The cemetery manager has refused to comment, but others are promising to do what they can to make things right.

“Sometimes things happen, and if they do we want to solve the problem, we want to make people happy, we want to move on and we want to learn from it so it never happens again,” Winslow City Manager Stephen Paulken says.

The family says nothing can fix what’s been done, and they’re still waiting for an apology.

“Certainly if we’ve done something inappropriately we’ll take responsibility we don’t have any problems issuing an apology,” Pauken says.


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