Are pilots to blame for plane disappearance?

NEW YORK (CNN) – There are conflicting reports on who or what is responsible for the disappearance of Malaysia flight 370.

Sources tell CNN the captain seen here in a new tribute video posted online did not leave a suicide note or any other evidence at his home that would suggest he planned to take down Malaysian Airlines flight 370.  CNN has learned from sources that after a preliminary review of the hard drive from Shah’s home flight simulator US investigators have found no smoking gun.

“I have teams working literally around the clock to try and exploit that.  I expect it to be done fairly shortly within a day or two, to finish that work,” FBI Director James Comey said.

Sources say so far it does not appear shah went to great lengths to scrub the hard drive when he deleted files last month or that he had encrypted any of the files.  Sources say investigators have also not found any incriminating data on the hard drive of his 27-year-old co-pilot Fariq Hamid seen here in an interview with CNN’s Richard Quest weeks before the plane disappeared.

Tonight sources say the FBI is still working to build a profile of the men’s emotional, financial and personal backgrounds and to review interviews of family and friends being done by Malaysian investigators.

“The first week people were looking into mechanical failure so there’s probably just about two weeks of doing an actual thorough investigation. That’s not enough time to really turn over all the potential clues in an investigation like this,” former FBI Executive Assistant Director Shawn Henry said.

Shah seen here going through airport security was a respected pilot who had been with Malaysia Airlines since 1981 flying more than 18 thousand miles.

The 53-year old seen here with his family was married with three grown children CNN is not showing their faces.  His daughter was reportedly a student, studying in Melbourne Australia.

The family lived here in a gated community but a source close to the family says his wife routinely stayed somewhere else when he was flying.  Shah was a public supporter of Malaysian opposition party leader, Anwar Ibrahim and attended pro democracy rallies. In his free time he posted videos like this one online

Showing him in front of his home flight simulator talking not about his job but about his interest in home improvement projects.

While Shah posted frequently to YouTube and Facebook less is known about shah’s co-pilot, Fariq Hamid who had just finished his training on the triple seven and was on his first flight in the cockpit unsupervised on the jumbo jet.

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