Westfield residents complaining about rowdy students

Downtown Westfield, as seen from the 22News Westfield Skycam.

WESTFIELD, Mass. (AP) – Some Westfield residents are complaining about loud and rowdy Westfield State University students making their neighborhood miserable on weekends.

Residents of the city’s downtown told the school’s Neighborhood Advisory Board on Monday that hundreds of students routinely turn the downtown area into a party district on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

The residents said the students are often disrespectful, noisy and urinate on private property.

School officials and city police attributed the problem to some of the estimated 500 to 800 students living in off-campus rental housing.

Police say they are pressuring landlords to control their tenants, and are taking legal action against the owner of one problem house.

Students say the problems are caused by a small minority and they sympathize with area residents.

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