Wearing glasses protects your health


GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Spring is here and that means brighter sun rays, more often. 22News found out some useful tips to use when buying your next pair of shades.

There are many different kind of sunglasses, but they all have one purpose, helping you see when the sun is too bright. Shades help you see in bright sunlight by limiting the amount of light that enters your eyes.

Some people wear sunglasses for the style and fashion, but a local optician told 22News wearing shades can also protect your health.

David Piela, an Optician at Franklin Spectacle Shoppe, said, “A lot of things that people run into a little later in life is that they’re finding that all those things can be brought on or exasperated by uv light, but wearing sunglasses keeps the eyes protected.”

It is required by federal law that all sunglasses are 100% uv protected, but buying a cheaper pair of shades means poorer lens quality and possible image distortion.

Polarized lenses are optional and help eliminate glare by only allowing vertical light waves to enter the eye.