DIY: Plant Propagation

CHICOPEE Mass. (Mass Appeal) – You don’t have to spend a lot to have a lot of plants, you can divide your plants and create a lush garden in no time!  Master Gardener Ed Sourdiffe showed us how.

Plant Propagation with Cutting

Why do it?
Because you make an exact copy of the original parent plant, a clone. So all of the traits of the parent plant will exist in the new plant, ie, color, size, flowers etc.

You can inexpensively multiply one plant into hundreds if you wish.

Simple Water method:
Take a stem of the plant you wish to duplicate and place it in a vessel of clean water. Prior to this remove any leaves that may be below the water line. If the leaves are left there, they will rot and foul the water. Now place the cuttings and the vessel in a warm environment with good light and wait for the roots to develop. Once they do transplant into potting soil and give a good watering and keep shaded for a few days until the new plant acclimates to its new lifestyle.

Cuttings in a Pot:
Get a good clean pot then decide on a planting media. This could be vermiculite, perlite, construction sand, or even potting soil. Take the cutting using a sharp instrument and cut below a leaf node and only leave a few leaves on the cutting. Dip in rooting hormone (gel, powder or liquid) and place in the pre-moistened planting media. Tent in plastic and keep in bright indirect light. In a few weeks the cutting should resist a tug, showing roots have developed. Then you can pot in its final potting soil


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