Cold weather still slowing down business

Green River Powersports: sales down due to cold weather

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- We’re 5 days into spring, but the weather seems to still be stuck in winter. 22news found out how the shortage of warm temperatures is affecting business.

22News tried to visit a few Franklin County golf courses, but found out the cold temperatures are keeping them closed. And even though the seasons have changed, several industries are still limited by the extreme cold.

This year’s winter weather frequently closed  businesses and schools. Airlines dealt with delays and flight cancellations.
Auto sales dropped, as the snow kept people out of showrooms. And even though spring has arrived, the cold hurts businesses that thrive on warm weather.

Green River Powersports in Gill sells jet skis, motorcycles and  and all terrain vehicles. The general manager told 22News the cold’s keeping customers out of the showroom, and they’ve seen  a 30 percent decrease in sales.Dan Provost said, “We had a little boost when the temperature rose for a little bit but didn’t last. Not enough people coming in, that’s definitely our problem. there’s no way to bring them in when it’s that cold.”

And while ski resorts saw more visitors,  not everyone likes cold weather sports. Some residents told 22news they haven’t had to postpone or cancel any trips because of the weather, but waking up to the constant cold everyday is discouraging.

Justin Anderson said, “It really bums me out. I’m tired of it and ready for it to be done. I’d like to get outside and exercise more but the cold days make it hard.”

Several local golf courses have delayed the start of their season because the greens and fairways are still covered with ice. Landscapers are also off to  a rough start. Most lawns are still frozen or snow-covered.

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