Winter weather causes more potholes than usual

dpw filling potholes in greenfield

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – This winter has had a big impact on the nation’s economy and has been pretty tough on our roads. 22News took a look at the efforts being made to repair those, potholes.

The moisture from the constant snow and rain has caused more potholes than in previous years. That means more DPW crews on the road and more time being spent patching those tire killers.

This year’s winter has cost the economy millions of dollars. And its also cost local department of public works extra time and effort. Potholes…seem to have popped up from everywhere  this winter, making drivers frustrated with their commutes.

One driver told 22news, she stays away from some roads because they are so rough. Lynn Crough said, “I live over by Allen Street. I’ve never seen that bridge so bad, I mean it’s really. I was scared to drive around at night because I thought you know I can really mess my car up pretty good if I do that.”

Greenfield Department of Public Works told 22News there have been 3times the number of potholes this season than in previous winters. and that’s cost the city $12,000.  Crews were also out more often, repairing more holes each shift.

A DPW worker told 22News the crews currently uses a cold patch mixed with sand to fill the potholes. But that’s only a temporary fix.

“Potholes they really have this year jumped out of anywhere and everywhere. I mean we’ve done these ones probably 10 times and its not going to stay until we’re able to get the warm stuff in it,” said Robert Lenois.

The DPW told 22news that they have used almost double the amount of cold patch this year than last year.

The city is waiting for hot patch manufacturing plants to open in Franklin County so they can have access to a more permanent fix. They’re hoping to start using the hot patch by mid-April.

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