Why did the Malaysian plane crash?

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – We now know what happen to the missing Malaysia Airlines plane that crashed in the Indian Ocean, but we still don’t know why. 22News discovered where the truth could be hiding.

The answers many of us are searching for may be found in deleted files on a hard drive.

“Why?” That is the biggest question that remains in the search for Malaysian Airlines flight 370. Investigators are hoping to find some clues on the hard drive of one of the pilot’s flight simulator or computer.

Bryan Cunningham, a cyber security expert, told 22News, “Unless you’re extremely sophisticated, and you spend a lot of time and effort, there’s going to be fragments of your information left on your hard drive that qualified experts can find.”

22News went to Bay Path College where we spoke with its Director of Cybersecurity. According to Dr. Larry Snyder, “When you delete a file, all your really doing is removing the link between the file name and the actual file, so the pc or the machine can’t locate it, but it is still there.”

Dr. Snyder told 22News there are some ways to shred or make files unretrievable, but most of the time files can be found; although, it may not happen overnight.

“They’re doing it bit by bit. They want to get both live or active files and anything that’s deleted or remnants of deleted files. It has to make a bit for bit copy so it just takes time,” said Dr. Snyder.

The FBI and Malaysian investigators have been searching for clues on those hard drives for about five days. the plane has been missing for over two weeks.