Trooper refutes woman’s claim

WESTFIELD, Mass. (The Westfield News) – A sobbing woman telling a state trooper that her father had verbally abused her and her husband stopped crying abruptly when the trooper told her that he had been with her father at the time she claimed he was yelling a her.

State Trooper Michael A. Leahy reports that he had been dispatched to 127 Chester Road in Blandford to serve a protective order on Jared Pezzuto who had been enjoined from abusing his father-in-law who lives at the same address. Leahy reports in a court document that after he explained the terms of the order and Pezzuto agreed not to bother his father-in-law he then went to tell the plaintiff that the order had been served.

Leahy reports that as he was leaving, with Trooper Justin Robeson, he decided to speak again with Pezzuto to point out the complication which might arise since the defendant and plaintiff share a common garage. He was met by Puzzuto’s wife, Tammy, who was crying “and stated that her father had been yelling at them and threatening them through the garage.” The trooper learned moments later, when his desk officer contacted him by radio, that the woman had called the barracks to claim that her father had come to the garage “yelling I told you I was going to get you” at her and her husband “as soon as they (the troopers) left.”

Apparently she had not realized that the troopers had not left but had gone to speak with the man she claimed had been yelling at them. Leahy reports “When we informed Ms. Pezzutto that we had not left her tears and upset behavior stopped.” He notified his desk officer that the report had been false and a criminal complaint charging Pezzuto with making a false report to the public safety dispatcher was filed. She was arraigned in Westfield District Court Friday before Judge Philip A. Contant and was released on her personal recognizance pending a May 29 hearing.

Media Credit: The Westfield News

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