Mass. business group calls for education overhaul

WESTFIELD, Mass (WWLP)– Certain jobs, like precision manufacturing,  require a certain set of skills.  Aaron George began working in precision manufacturing through a co-operative program at his technical high school.

“You can start of with a little bit of experience or no experience at all as long as you have a company that is willing to teach you, you can learn,” George said.

Kristin Maier, the President of Peerless Precision, where George works, told 22News he was a desirable candidate for jobs they constantly have a hard time filling.

“We interviewed a couple of people and they just didn’t have the skills and they weren’t willing to learn.  So, after months of searching we went to Westfield Vocational and said we would like to get a kid here on co-op to start training them,” Maier said.

That skills gap one of the items the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education is now saying needs to be fixed.

They released a new report that argues boosting the state’s public schools is a critical step in producing more workers with the right skills to succeed in a technology driven economy.

“The report found that nearly 70 percent of employers are having a hard time finding people with the right set of skills for the jobs that they need to fill.”

Part of the report’s proposal to change the education system in the state is to integrate more technology, improve teaching skills, and to expand blended learning.

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