Hate crime investigation at Amherst Regional H.S.

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – The principal of Amherst Regional High School says that police are considering an incident that happened at school on Thursday to be a hate crime.

Principal Mark Jackson told 22News that a student reported seeing graffiti with a math teacher’s name and the “N” word below it on the bathroom wall. The school is still trying to figure out who was targeting the teacher, who is African American and started at the school this year.

Jackson said that this isn’t the first time she has been targeted, and he won’t stand for it. He has been very open with how the school is responding and what they expect of students.

The teacher, Carolyn Gardner, has not returned to school, and Jackson said it’s not clear when she will. She was devastated by what happened.

Jackson said she is well-liked and he hopes she stays at the school for several years. Students made and signed a banner with well-wishes for Gardner that they delivered to her house on Friday.

The Principal sent 22News a document, which is one of two documents sent to parents on Thursday night and Friday morning, following the incident on March 20, 2014.

Amherst letter

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