Gadget Hoarding: Reducing E-Clutter

(NBC News) Don’t think for a minute, you’re the only one who can’t let go of old gadgets.

A recent survey by found 68 percent of us suffer from “compulsive gadget hoarding”, which is why spring cleaning this year might need to include eliminating gadget clutter.

It’s also an opportunity for making money by selling those gadgets online.

“eBay is one of them. Amazon actually has a way to do this, and Craigslist. These are all sites where you can go to to sell all of your junk in one place,” notes’s Michael Schreiber.

If offering online, make sure you build in expenses like third party fees or shipping costs into your selling price.

Another alternative is to check with retailers like Staples, who now offer store credit for old devices, or Walmart, where there’s a new trade-in program for video games.

There are also sites like Gazelle or USell who only want to buy your old stuff, then sell it overseas where it becomes new again.

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