Caught on Camera: Pedestrian Beating

(KGW) A quick trip to the store lands a man in the hospital in Portland, Oregon.

Police say a mob of teenagers used a metal crutch and “razor” mini scooter to beat a man because he refused to give them cigarettes.

According to his family, the 24-year old victim suffered a fractured skull and face, along with a broken arm.

“You know, how much function will he have with his arm, we don’t know… Is there brain damage, we don’t know,” the man’s aunt said.

As many as eight people jumped in to kick and punch the man at southeast 162nd and stark.

The teens didn’t stop until a convenience store owner came outside yelling and witnesses stepped in.

One of the suspects: 18-year-old Cheimy Matos pleaded not guilty in court.

He’s facing serious charges, along with 19-year old Francisco Angel-Silva and two other juveniles…one of them is only 14.

The victim didn’t know his attackers.

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