Blarney Blowout costing town thousands

AMHERST, Mass (WWLP) — The pre- St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Amherst that lead to dozens of arrests is expected to cost the town thousands of dollars in damage.

In early March, the Blarney Blowout party that spilled over from the town center onto off- campus UMass Amherst housing took 100 percent of the town’s public safety resources to control.

Police said at one point there was a crowd of about 4,000 people.  Now, it’s expected that those public safety costs, along with the amount of property damage will total about $200,000.

The cost of Overtime and pepper spray will cost the town’s taxpayers about $23,000.

UMass Amherst officials requested a review of their preparedness for large scale events following the Blarney Blowout weekend.  That review will be done by Boston’s former Police Commissioner, Edward Davis, and will cost as much as $160,000.

65 people were arrested that weekend and more than 140 were charged.

Police said that about 20 of those arrests were UMass Amherst students and that most of the others were students from other New England colleges and Universities.

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