“The Grand Budapest Hotel”


Rated R

1 Hour 40 Minutes

Ralph Fiennes, Tony Revolori, Bill Murray
Whenever the eccentric Wes Anderson directs one of his quirky comedies you know you’re in for a whimsical evening of fun and intrigue.

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” is one of his nuttiest creations.

But the seemingly simple story of a legendary concierge, idolized by his young protégé, is anything but simple.

Ralph Fiennes creates a wonderfully droll character. Who can’t see what a scoundrel he is with the ladies, very old ladies. His every mannerism will have you chuckling.

The highly original twists and turns are just as delightful as recognizing the huge roster of big stars appearing only briefly.

Wes Anderson movies are a magnet for famous actors. Anderson returns the compliment by crafting for them memorable cameos.

Here’s the deal. You’ll either be swept up by the dazzling humor and the sparkling sense of style, or you’ll find the craziness a bit too dark. Take my advice,  for something truly different and somewhat  challenging,  make plans to visit  “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

And see why it’s not too shabby with three stars.

And Ralph Fiennes hilarious performance  is alone is worth the price of admission.

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