Special photography exhibit on display at Tower Square

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – People with a creative eye got the chance to view a special photography exhibit on Sunday night.

The Valley Photo Center at Tower Square in Springfield was filled with the work of the New England Large Format Photography Collective.

It’s a group made up of more than 20 photographers from New England and beyond. They use large wooden cameras to take the photos.

These photographers say the final image is more rich and beautiful than what you would get from a digital photo.

One longtime photographer told 22News how over the years, a lot has changed about the photography business.

“The primary reason for us doing a family portrait was so people could hang pictures on their wall. Now, the owner isn’t interested in hanging pictures. All they want to do is get them on the computer or phone,” said Jack Holowitz.

The Valley Photo Center is open Monday – Friday from 11-AM to 2PM. Admission is free.

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