St. Patrick’s weekend and the first weekend of spring

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Despite the fairly cloudy beginning, St. Patrick’s weekend got off to a good start in Holyoke on Saturday.

Midday raindrops didn’t stop people from coming out, many dressed in shorts for the first weekend of spring.

22News found that the weather has little affect on the enjoyment of a lot of the participants in this weekends festivities.

“I don’t think it really does. People are going to come out no matter what. Obviously everybody’s hoping for nice weather, but regardless: rain, cold, whatever, people are going to come out and have a great time and participate,” said Jocelyn Walker of Belchertown.

Temperatures on Saturday spent much of the late morning and early afternoon in the 40s, not bad considering how cold it’s been the past few weeks.

Unlike the road race day temperatures do look to take a big drop for the parade day, but conditions should be very similar to how they were for last year’s St. Patrick’s Parade.

Last year’s parade was mostly sunny, windy and cold with highs of 38 degrees. Sunday’s parade should be very similar, but it could be worse.

“I remember when the parade used to come down on high street, it was almost a blizzard. I actually plowed on one of the parade days, because I have a plow truck so we had snow in the morning, but we cleared it out before that,” said Steve Lempke of Granby.

While there wasn’t snow Saturday in the lower Pioneer Valley, signs of our long, cold and snow filled winter showed up at the parade in the form of melting snow piles in the grass.

“After the long winter the New Englanders are ready for a good party on the weekend. They’re going to hate it on Monday, but it’s going to be a hell of a weekend,” said Steve Lempke.

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