Sneak Peek: “American Dream Builders”

(NBC) The home makeover concept meets “The Apprentice” this Sunday in NBC’s new reality competition series “American Dream Builders”.

Tensions rise as creative forces collide in “American Dream Builders”.

“Everyone thinks that they’ve got the best idea and everyone thinks that everyone else should just listen to them. Obviously, that doesn’t work,” says host Nate Berkus.

Famed home designer Berkus brings together 12 well-established home builders and designers for this competition series.

The competitors form two teams, each one giving a home a top-to-bottom makeover every week.

“Everything is new, kitchens, bathrooms, every single bedroom, living
room, backyard, front yard, facade of the house. We dig deeply into the transformation,” Berkus says.

A neighborhood council decides which team did the best job, but Berkus and his fellow judges, interior designer Monica Pedersen and renowned landscape architect Eddie George, decide who goes home from the losing team.

These designers are competing for a $250,000 dollar prize that will go to the last one standing.

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